Embracing Automation across the Content Supply Chain

Have you ever thought about the high TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) within traditional MAM (media asset management) investments – especially costs beyond upfront Capex investment – maintaining and managing these stand alone applications, upgrade costs, system & software support costs, hosting, help desk, subject matter experts to manage and administer etc.? And if you operate content in more than one site, chances are that there is duplication in MAM investments across these sites. With all of these, TCO reduction is increasingly becoming only a remote possibility.

While TCO is a key consideration, the most powerful weapon in the margin war is really the Total Cost of Operations (TCOP) and hence it deserves a much closer scrutiny today. Businesses should expect more from their MAM investments – more control, more speed, better quality, and much lower TCO and TCOP.

We, at Prime Focus Technologies, believe a traditional MAM system does not automate enough, to the extent it is meant to, in this digital era. Hence businesses do not fully get the benefit of low TCOP. They should expect more from their MAM investments – more control, more speed, better quality, and much lower TCO and TCOP.

Cost savings of 30-40% or more can be achieved by managing these operations efficiently across the supply chain. This has a lasting effect on the TCOP. Every solution we create, every product we conceive, is designed to reduce costs, in sync with the concept of TCOP in M&E operations.

We believe, you can get more from technology. We believe you can Be MORE.

At IBC 2017, we will be showcasing our revolutionary flagship product, CLEARTM, the world’s first and most proven Hybrid Cloud-enabled Media ERP Suite that automates the content supply chain. CLEAR has four power-packed modules:

  • Cloud MAM: ONE MAM for the Enterprise across geographies, departments and businesses
  • Broadcast Cloud: ONE software for Broadcast – from Creation to Transformation, Distribution and Exhibition
  • DAX® Production Cloud: ONE Software for Dailies and Post Workflows
  • Operations Cloud: ONE software to manage Content Store, Processing and Delivery of content

CLEAR has undergone many updates and is now loaded with brand new features, such as:

  • Work Order Management-- Optimizing the way business processes are orchestrated, triggered, monitored and executed
  • Promo Operations -- End-to-end business process orchestration for promo creation including versioning automation
  • Interoperable Master Format (IMF) -- World’s first IMF Media Player for playback over streaming proxy
  • Mastering Automation-- An efficient and cost effective solution for domestic and international syndication

Meet us at booth # 7.B12 and we'll tell you how CLEAR can help lower your TCOP, drive creative enablement, enhance efficiencies and help realize new monetization opportunities.

Get more from technology. Be MORE.

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