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Artificial Intelligence: Changing the Game of Media Asset Management (MAM)

17 Nov 2017

By Animesh Swain
Product Manager, Product Line Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is today driving business transformation across literally every industry vertical. Self-driving cars, virtual personal assistants and warehouses run by AI-pow

14 Sep 2017

In the 1957 movie Desk Set with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, the story line revolves around the intr

14 Sep 2017

For executives in the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry, new models for success are driven by the need to

14 Sep 2017

Depending on your point of view, disruption can be seen as a good thing, or a bad thing. From our point of view, the

14 Sep 2017

By Anthony Matt,
Executive Director, Cloud Media Services, Prime Focus Technologies


01 Sep 2017

By Ryan Leigh
Vice President, EMEA

This article about artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on

28 Aug 2017

Considering the unarguably fast clock speed in Media & Entertainment (M&E) today, content enterprises need to be able

16 Aug 2017

Hybrid Cloud is a cloud computing environment which uses a mix of on-premise, private cloud and third-party, public c

21 Jun 2017

Compliance regulations for broadcast differ across countries. While many regulations are similar worldwide, often cul

25 Apr 2017

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) is pleased to announce that its flagship product, CLEAR Media ERP has been awarded the

18 Apr 2017

IMF is a packaging and distribution standard for the file-based interchange of multi versioned finished audio and vis

04 Apr 2017

Content enterprises today often tend to have a myopic view while considering cost of application – evaluating the c

31 Jan 2017

While the Indian film industry is famous for being one of the largest in the world, there is little awareness about t

05 Jan 2017

Over the last few years, the M&E industry has been facing significant changes driven by a shift in consumer behavior,

29 Dec 2016

In the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry, QC refers to a complete evaluation of content, where all technic

14 Dec 2016

On air promos are key for broadcasters to create an audience pull. To generate maximum curiosity and interest in audi

28 Nov 2016

Since the 1890s when motion picture cameras were first invented, films have captured the essence of cultures and comm

18 Nov 2016

Britain’s referendum decision to exit from the European Union (EU) is likely to have an overarching impact on the

02 Nov 2016

The era of digital transformation is upon us, and for Media & Entertainment (M&E) enterprises, the ability to swiftly

08 Sep 2016

Today, consumption of video over the internet is the new normal. But while online video viewing is getting increasing

07 Sep 2016

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), the technology arm of Prime Focus, the world’s largest media services powerhouse, is g

29 Jun 2016

Broadcasters have begun witnessing the market trend of “cord cutting”, with a sizeable segment of viewers tunin

15 Jun 2016

There is a lot of speculation about what the next-generation media technology stack will look like. We believe it w

03 Jun 2016

1.Media ERP: The Power of ONE Software for the Enterprise In today’s increasingly connected w

25 May 2016

So what’s really holding them back? The answer is simple - silos. Silos at an enterprise level, silos with

05 Apr 2016

If organizations have to succeed in this Digital Next era, they need to transform. Traditionally, global M&E ente

05 Apr 2016

It means greater independence for the visually impaired, who can now enjoy a far more robust television experience.

05 Apr 2016

Our vision is to bring content to the center of the business and virtualize the Production content supply chain, deploy

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