The Media Entertainment (M&E) industry is undergoing a sea change currently. New entrants are challenging traditional players, new geographic markets are becoming accessible faster for distribution, and new technology is enabling consumption and revenue opportunities that never existed. Velocity and scale are being redefined. M&E enterprises need to transform quickly into digital companies.

Managing the Business of Content®

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) offers customers transformational solutions that help automate the content supply chain and digitally mediate enterprise workflows to manage not just the content but the business of content. CLEAR®, our award-winning multi-cloud technology-enabled Media ERP software and digital content services help content creators drive creative enablement, enhance efficiencies, reduce cost, and realize new monetization opportunities.

CLEAR® provides tangible benefits when run on AWS. Integration of CLEAR® and AWS empowers customers with the freedom to choose from multiple compute and storage options to scale infrastructure with very minimal capex investment. AWS and PFT's best-in-class cloud services together give customers superior advantages of security, privacy, transparency, scalability, and lower costs

Managing Media Archives at Scale

The CLEAR® platform enables seamless integration with Amazon storage tiers including S3 Glacier and Deep Archive storing content on behalf of customers. CLEAR® can acquire data store and move content to multiple storage tiers based on lifecycle policies. Content stored on Amazon can then become the single source of truth when integrating with other systems or platforms. CLEAR® enables content movement seamlessly in/out of Amazon Storage and helps customers acquire distribute and build long term archives.

CLEAR® also helps media companies migrate their LTO archives to AWS and aids the cloud adoption journey.

Managing Media Processing at Scale

CLEAR® Edge hosted on AWS orchestrates media workflows running on underlying AWS compute and AWS Media Service. CLEAR® leverages AWS Elemental MediaConvert for creating Video On Demand content for broadcasters and multi screen delivery at scale for various customers. We enable media companies to create compelling video content without worrying about the complexity of building and operating end to end video delivery services powered by CLEAR® and Media Convert workflows.

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