The rapid pace of innovation in the AI/ML world keeps me on my toes. The advancements in neural networks and other ML techniques are extremely exciting and offer great promise for the M&E industry. But what keeps me awake at night is the possibilities of our models not throwing up 100% accurate data for our customers. Well, this is inevitable and in the data driven AI world, we cannot guarantee fully deterministic models like conventional software. One needs to be constantly at it and keep tuning the models to get the acceptable accuracy. The human-like fuzziness and uncertainty make the field so exhilarating!

I draw a lot of inspiration in hand holding our customers and helping them cross the chasm of AI. My role at PFT allows me to patiently listen to customers, understand their data and media assets, study their existing workflows, immerse in their context, and comprehend their pain-points before recommending and creating an AI solution that works for them with their unique data and business case. To me “making AI work for you” means partnering with our customers to realise non-linear business impact for them.

I believe AI can truly democratize creativity in our industry through automation. By removing all repetitive work with the help of AI, we can truly make the workforce unleash their creativity. AI can help in areas like content tagging, detecting and editing compliance issues, content QC, creating subtitles, dubbing with lip sync, applying basic color grading and VFX, creating large variety of sports highlights or entertainment promos rough cuts, video comparison for re-mastering…the possibilities are endless.

While watching sports or entertainment at my leisure, I find myself exploring how our AI/ML models would perform media recognition or identify logical scene boundaries or execute closed captioning using speech to text and many more such interventions. One can imagine, this makes me a geek in my family or friends group to watch something with, but it’s a lot of fun for me