AI is changing the entertainment industry every day! The possibilities are endless, from improving complicated workflows to analyzing massive amounts of data at unbelievable speeds. Still, it’s the wild wild west, so selling AI can also be formidable. But PFT is a pioneer in media tech and on its way to becoming a leader in AI for the M&E industry, with a remarkable R&D team that consistently comes up with great solutions. And that’s very exciting!

At PFT, I’m always looking for solutions to improve my clients’ technology stack and workflows. I feel like I’m an evangelist for the future, leveraging cutting-edge AI tools the media industry has never seen before and integrating them into routine manual processes for post-production and distribution, resulting in lower costs and improved speed, quality, and efficiency.

It’s incredible how AI data analysis can quickly and efficiently change delivery times and organize massive amounts of visual data. For one of my clients, we deployed AI to speed up their manual process, which used to take days and now takes seconds. While migrating their data, we compared the original master file’s quality with other existing files, and frequently found discrepancies. As everyone knows in the archival business, such anomalies need to be rectified before long-term storage. That’s just one case of how we make AI work for you.

One of the biggest myths about AI is that it’s costly. Nothing can be so far from the truth. One of my clients is a filmmaker, and when he came to me with a new project, I laid out the cost to manage it and run the platform. The client was amazed at how AI could simplify complex manual workflows. And yes, he was surprised it would not cost the moon! In fact, it would actually save him money over the long run.

There are millions of client use cases possible with AI, and the excitement around such possibilities keeps me awake at night. PFT’s CLEAR Vision Cloud can make AI work for you and deliver measurable business outcomes. And I am delighted to be the harbinger of such good news for my clients.

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