Machine Wisdom from Intelligence to transform your business operations

Intelligence or Wisdom. You Choose.

Today, the market has numerous readymade Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools available that recognize different elements within video content – like objects, transcripts, on-screen text, celebrity faces, emotions and more. However, most AI tools are trained to solve generic uses cases that are applicable across industries, which limits their effectiveness in the context of Media & Entertainment (M&E). Standalone AI engines can recognize specific elements within individual video frames, but lack the ability to combine these findings in a contextual manner to identify complex sequences (like a particular character in a car chase).

Vision Cloud, a module of PFT’s CLEAR Media ERP, is a native media recognition AI platform that builds Machine Wisdom from intelligence to transform business operations for M&E players. Leveraging Machine Wisdom, Vision Cloud synthesizes and focuses on the most important annotations to deliver search results that are far more meaningful and contextual.

The platform can be used to search digital media and easily extract relevant content for multiple use cases across the content lifecycle - right from creation and post production to distribution and marketing.

Key Benefits:
  • Enhanced decision making: Wisdom as opposed to mere Intelligence
  • Faster time-to-market: Logical, precise search results; ready-to-use Machine Learning (ML) models to solve specific business challenges
  • Improved efficiencies: Makes media operations cost effective and scalable
  • Realization of new monetization opportunities: Helps tap full potential of existing content by ensuring faster content discovery

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