End-to-end production management from Screenplay to Production on ONE software

CREATE enhances operational efficiencies with a connected supply chain and provides a centralized resource bank of all talent and vendors.

In the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry, Production can be an exhausting process with hours spent, managing multiple tasks and people both manually and using standalone systems. The use of disparate systems and manual workflows for key functions like script breakdown & scheduling, script & screenplay reviews, viewing Dailies, document management, casting, locations etc. lead to loss of information, miscommunication and errors. This in turn results in huge cost and time overruns.

A production module of CLEAR™ Media ERP Suite, CREATE as a single software, helps creators digitize end-to-end, the pre-production and production phases of the content creation process. It allows ALL stakeholders engaged in creation – writers, creative teams, cast, technicians, vendors including location managers, art directors, costumers, make-up artists, from day players to producers to collaborate real time on a mobile device. So they can plan and manage production better, and make higher quality creative decisions quicker leading to enhanced operational efficiencies and reduced rework.

CREATE is a revolutionary piece of software application that offers the perfect escape for creative teams from exhaustive, time consuming and menial tasks through digital orchestration. It ensures continuity, access to assets, approvals and inventory management seamlessly..

Key Features:
  • Script and screenplay review
  • Auto script breakdown
  • Digital approvals
  • Mobile app
  • Casting process management including access to talent databases
  • Task management and stakeholder notification including call sheet generation
  • Real time collaboration using Instant Messaging (in App), Text, Email
  • Instant Wrap-up Reports
  • Centralized digital archives
  • Location review
  • Scheduling
  • Foolproof security
  • Lowest Total Cost of Operations (TCOP) Increase in average minutes shot per day, reduction in rework and contract labor costs
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies with a connected supply chain
  • Faster decision making
  • Faster accessibility to shoot content
  • Enhanced data storage efficiencies
  • Centralized resource bank of talent and vendors, ready for future use

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