Automated Work Order to manage planning, acquiring, evaluating, cataloguing and scheduling content

Content Acquisition Portal automates task management powered by Work Order to usher in operational efficiencies like never before.

CLEARTM Media ERP's Content Acquisition Portal serves as a secure entry point for all media and ancillary files remotely from any geographical location across the global supply chain, without the need of a VPN. Once ingested onto the portal, users can either trigger further downstream actions manually, or automate these actions based on business rules. Powered by Work Order Management, the solution enables users to perform work order- based ingest, assign tasks to relevant resources/vendors and track the status of all tasks conveniently through a unified dashboard.

Key Features:
  • Auto generated work orders
  • Work order driven acquisition and tracking of source material (including video content, audio tracks, subtitles, captions etc.)
  • Hybrid Cloud architecture to manage distributed workflows
  • Business Process Management (BPM), tailored to meet the needs of M&E enterprises
  • Rules-based work assignment for assigning tasks to best-fit individuals
  • Reminder notifications for individually assigned tasks
  • Smart alerts against work order due dates for any breach of SLA
  • Powerful search tool to identify orders based on metadata
  • Pre-integrated with automation bots to perform transcodes/transfers/auto QC
  • Provides advanced tools for:
    • Ingest
    • Cataloguing including manual cataloguing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) - based auto cataloguing
    • Auto QC - Integrated with industry standard vendors like Baton & Cerify
    • Manual QC - Integrated with Adobe® Premiere Pro
    • Archival - Integrated with industry standard vendors like Diva/Masstech/S3
    • Work order monitoring
  • Enhanced Operational Eficiencies Eliminates duplication of content and effort
  • Lower Total Cost of Operations (TCOP) Pay-as-you-go SaaS model with no upfront CAPEX
  • Faster Turnaround Time (TAT) Schedule driven operations with system generated reminder notifications
  • Optimal resource utilization Work Order Management to assign tasks to best-fit resources based on skill, availability and cost

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