Ease transfer loads and optimize storage consumption across streaming locations

PFT will be launching IMF support within CLEAR, including the world’s first IMF Player that provides the ability to preview, playback, review and distribute over a streaming proxy a Composition Playlist (CPL) with all its essences including video, audio and captions. This enables collaboration and decision making in the workflow using proxies without having to necessarily access the original IMF package in high-res each time a CPL has to be played back.


Key Benefits:
  • Lower Total Cost of Operations (TCOP): Reduced cost of storage, re-mastering and QC
  • Enhanced efficiencies: Automates and simplifies distribution servicing
  • Eases transfer loads and optimizes storage consumption across streaming locations
  • Get in touch with us to see the world's very first IMF Media Player for playback over streaming proxy, in action!

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