Make A Wish – What would you like AI to solve for you?

AI – The world is talking about the promise it holds. Everyone wants it. Everyone thinks it is the future. But there is a common disbelief in the M&E industry about its ability TODAY to solve business problems. Some of the common concerns being “it’s not mature enough to invest in yet”, “it doesn’t work for my content”, “business returns are not great to highly prioritize AI” etc.

The question to ponder is do we wait for the industry to evolve some day and continue going about our business as usual or do we drive the transformation head on and become future ready TODAY?

We at Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) understand each M&E company has unique content and business challenges. We solve for our customers with a powerful combination of Technology and Consulting to deliver accurate and actionable data that can solve their specific challenge seamlessly. We’re extending our AI consulting services to help create a custom model that works for your content and brand. By providing suitable learning to the AI models for your specific content, we will deliver the business outcomes you desire.

In the current uncertain and challenging times, even tiny moments of happiness help. We thought we’d embrace this weekend a little differently this year. In the spirit of 4th of July, we are celebrating AI. So here’s our sweet treat: 'Make a Wish’ - let us know what would you like AI to solve for you? And we will make AI work for you. That is our promise. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy 4th!

Team PFT

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