It was a Friday and I was watching a movie and some of its promos, trying to solve how we can assist promo editors with AI. My daughter walked in and said – “You said you were working but you are watching a movie?” I said – “Yeah, I am watching a movie and I am working and getting paid for this”

Having been an entrepreneur before, I strive to behave like one always, getting my hands on everything that I can do with and around the product – engineering and management – as well as assisting other key functions like pre-sales, sales and marketing, among others.

One of my key learnings at PFT has been that customers need help with AI. Something off-the-shelf will not move the needle for them. Customers do have similar problems, but their contents and contexts are very different. We have to make AI work for them by customizing and solving their unique business cases.

When I show an automated segmentation solution to an operations team, their smile for making life less stressful, is a sight to behold. There are so many innovative applications of AI in the M&E world like say automating re-conformance freeing up hours of mundane editorial effort or enabling deep search (e.g. Tom Cruise in an action scene) of content by a customer on an OTT platform. These possibilities keep me awake at night in a very positive way than let me go to bed worried. Like the Industrial Revolution of the previous centuries and the IT revolution of the last few decades, AI will truly transform the way we work and live.

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