Distribute content to multiple OTT destinations with ease

ONE software with end-to-end automation for secure OTT Distribution - right from scheduling to delivery

Today, each OTT and VOD platform, like YouTube, Netflix or Spotify, has a host of custom quality and technical specifications that content enterprises need to meet. Typical fulfilment deliverables include a vast inventory of content in multiple formats, subtitle/dub files, images, documents etc. This involves extensive collaboration with multiple stakeholders and external vendors. With CLEAR Distribution Cloud, users can manage all tasks and operations involved in OTT distribution from start to end, securely, on ONE system. Its powerful features include Schedule-driven work orders, 450+ API bots for delivery to popular platforms, advanced tools for review & approval, a unified dashboard for tracking task status, and seamless integration with Scheduling and Rights Managements Systems. Most importantly, the solution leverages automation to detect missing inventory items and trigger the corresponding work orders. It also enables users to deliver packages in increments - e.g. delivering primary video and metadata immediately, and then the subtitle files later as they get produced.

Key Features:
  • Schedule-driven Work Orders
  • Schedule based delivery to multiple destinations
  • 450+ pre-integrated API bots for delivery to popular platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Spotify and Verizon
  • Automatic detection of missing inventory and corresponding generation of content creation work orders
  • Unified dashboard with complete visibility for tracking task status
  • Ability to configure distribution delivery specs
  • Extensive re-delivery capabilities: Resend, Delta and Augmented Publish
  • Easy Integration with 3rd party systems: Vendor, Scheduling, Sales Order & Rights Management systems
  • Priority handling and queuing
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiencies: Streamlines distribution operations, synchronizing automation and human tasks seamlessly
  • Faster Time-to-Market: Quicker delivery to multiple platforms on the back of automated workflows and preset BOTS
  • Scalability: Ability to scale operations efficiently by leveraging public cloud infrastructure
  • Increased Security: Reduces the need for manual intervention while processing content
  • Lower Total Cost of Operations (TCOP): Reduces cost of manual labour and infrastructure involved in Distribution operations

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