Hyper-digital consumers experience the content in more ways than ever before, not just through traditional distribution channels, like theatres and TV, but also on OTT platforms and social media. Each delivery channel comes with its unique format and set of rules. There is a need to store, identify video segments, re-format, transcribe, re-time subtitles, search, and re-purpose content to fit the delivery package specifications and compliance restrictions. Hence content distribution involves a massive amount of repeated effort and more human resources if no automation is in place.

I am excited to work in the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry when it is at the cusp of digital transformation. I believe AI can help quicken the workflows and solve repetitive and mundane tasks.

At PFT, I get to solve the technical challenges that arise when keeping pace with the rapid improvements in the AI/ML space and bring out the utmost value for the users & businesses in the M&E industry.

There is bound to be hesitation when a customer has to replace their time-tested methods of managing content with anything new and futuristic. Our team puts relentless efforts to ensure that data security, actionability, and toolkits necessary for integration with customer workflows are taken care of.

PFT's AI engines are as good as they can get, and our solutions run on resilient, fail-proof infrastructure. Along with this, users have much-needed levers to control and manipulate the outcome of AI. Let's talk about the Advanced Metadata Discovery and the Package Builder Toolkit. It enables deep discovery of metadata customized for use cases in M&E industry. One look at our smart compilations and a promo editor will know what's in the content without seeing the movie. It saves our promo editors hours and hours of content viewing and editing time.

If I had super (AI) power, I would have the content manage and curate itself or have several episodic content plots be auto-generated. What we offer is full of possibilities unavailable with ease earlier. It is sometimes hard to fall asleep, thinking excitedly about how much immediate value our AI solution could bring for the customer, transforming traditional content management.

While watching a series on OTT or a film on television with many advertisement spots, I can't help but think of how our AI-driven contextual ad placement solution would have predicted and placed the same ad at the same slot. My mind wanders about the vast set of possibilities coming up. I end up ignoring the OTT/TV program and debating with my spouse the future of how AI is touching both businesses and end consumers of content alike!

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