Sustainability Charter

PFT is committed to managing the business of content in ways that allow the people and the planet to flourish.

PFT drives Sustainability in everything we do - Environmental (issues around climate change & pollution), Social & Economical (issues around workplace practices and human capital), and Governance (issues such as executive pay accounting & ethics). Sustainability is not an after thought at PFT - it is deeply embedded in our thinking, the way we work and the products & services we deliver.

Profits with Purpose is how PFT defines its Sustainability Charter. Our founders felt that no sustainability initiative could self-sustain if it's not linked to the organization's business prospects. Our leadership, employees, and service providers are committed to rethinking traditional systems and shifting towards more sustainable models. PFT has the talent and resources to navigate a fresh set of opportunities, challenges, and risks that will define organizations of the future.

Sustainability Goals 2020-2024

Working towards the reduction of carbon footprints

Reduction and management of waste and helping towards reduction of pollution and global warming by various methods stated in the policy

Increase productivity and profits through water, energy and resources conservation

Developing culture within PFT for employees to get actively involved in sustainability initiatives

Enabling customers to contribute to sustainability by using our products i.e., AI, Digitization services, Data centres

Continue developing responsible products and services

Create a healthy, collaborative, and uplifting environment

Diversity, inclusion and equality

Ensuring the health and safety of our people Overall Governance

ESG Protocols
at PFT


Waste management

Hazardous materials/Pollution

Water consumption

Energy consumption

Global warming/air pollution

Land Contamination

Social and Economic

Responsible products and services

Sustainability within the content supply chain

Employee welfare and development

Talent attraction and retention

Diversity, equality, and inclusion

Health and safety


Governance of Sustainability issues

Board-level responsibility

Business ethics and conduct

Grievances procedures


I have always been fascinated by the little things we can do individually and collectively to safeguard our planet and the big leaps technology can make to drive sustainability. So, when we got together many years ago to build PFT from a small garage in Bangalore, India, we were clear that “what we do” and “how we do it” should always align to our thinking about sustainability.

Today 13 years later, we are a global company of 1700 professionals. And I am proud to say that at PFT we have always stood on the right side of sustainability. It has never been a check box; an afterthought. It has always been a commitment; a passion. During the initial years, we were not very organized about our sustainability activities – small groups of colleagues were doing whatever they could – trying to go paperless in the office, hiring more women candidates, tending to potted plants; and conserving water and power.

Our technology was doing a lot more. For example, by enabling digitization of the content supply chain and making the tape obsolete, CLEAR Media ERP has been driving enormous reduction in carbon footprint for broadcasters and studios.

It was in 2020 that we decided we had to do a lot more and with greater planning. Hence, we constituted a Sustainability Steering Committee to plan, action and drive our 2020-2024 Sustainability Goals in perfect alignment with our “Profits with Purpose” charter.

It is heartening that our colleagues, partners and customers have partaken in this journey and continue to do so as we go about building innovative solutions that will not only future- proof M&E organizations but also life on this planet for our posterity.

Ramki Sankaranarayanan
Founder and Global CEO

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