Advantages of a Single Production Cloud Solution
PFT Blog Team | 04 Jun 2019

Advantages of a Single Production Cloud Solution
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By David Mortlock, Director of Business Development, EMEA


We are in the middle of the strongest entertainment production boom in years. And no wonder! Consumer appetite for all types of video content has never been higher – and they’re demanding and viewing content through a wide range of devices and delivery mechanisms. In response to this demand, and the new business opportunities this trend presents, numerous new programs are being greenlit. Great news for consumers, and great news for the movie and television production community.


Production Challenges

When so many projects are initiated across a vast number of shoot locations, the only way to stay on schedule is to employ multiple production units. All this production activity inevitably causes a slew of challenges and potential issues.


The first of these challenges involves the task of keeping all the stakeholders up to date and aligned. Multiple production crews on-location simultaneously will generate a large number of dailies, or rushes. The timely review of these dailies is critical to confirm that new footage aligns with the directorial vision and continuity of the production, while providing the ability to check technical elements including focus, lighting and other artifacts that may require correction. It also gives other important stakeholders insight on production workflows and progress. Some high-end productions still review dallies on printed film, but the majority are moving to lower cost and faster digital methods – but even with this change, the same challenge remains.


The second big challenge arising from so many concurrent or distributed productions is the replication of processes and tools. For example, news gathering organizations are often spread over multiple locations – cities, states, and even countries. Replicating equipment, tools, and processes across these distinct locations can not only be costly, but can allow process, and technological inefficiencies to persist and grow, impacting workflows, increasing costs and causing delays.


Strengthening the Production Workflow

To address these challenges, studios, broadcasters and production companies have a growing interest in connecting their various production entities using a base-level asset management system for all digital dallies. Up to now, only final cuts have been typically stored in such a centralized asset management tool.


Ideally, such an asset management system would have to provide a common toolset with a reliable backbone infrastructure, enhanced security protocols for sharing material between users, and intuitive UIs. Fortunately, such as solution already exists: DAX® Production Cloud from Prime Focus Technologies. This powerful, improved solution builds on DAX with Digital Dailies®, which has been successfully used across the production industry for over 10 years. Today, nearly 50% of US primetime scripted network television productions already use DAX® with Digital Dailies® with over 20,000 active users on the platform. Whether your content is off a script, or is unscripted, with DAX Production Cloud, you can manage both seamlessly.


With the widespread use of DAX for Digital Dailies, both fulltime staff and freelance production crews are already familiar with the platform, allowing for an easy migration path to DAX Production Cloud. For many companies, having this familiar system already in place reduces risks for productions with a known, fixed cost - and no late sourcing of tools prior to shoots starting.


With DAX Production Cloud in place, authorized team members, from the executive team to the production users can get a real-time view of what has been created at any stage of production. Features such as playlist editing can also bring the blocking of scenes upstream in the post-production process, saving valuable editing time. Marketing and Promo teams can have an early look into freshly-shot content to get a jumpstart on campaigns and promo creations. Production teams can also use the same solution for both dailies and post servicing, strengthening overall production workflows and reducing risks in busy production environments.


Contact us for more information about strengthening your content creation workflows with DAX Production Cloud.


We’ll be demonstrating DAX Production Cloud and it’s features on Booth #621 at the Media Production Show on the 11th & 12th June 2019 at Olympia, London.

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