ONE software to manage dailies and post servicing workflows
PFT Blog Team | 05 Apr 2016

In this 'Digital Next' era, the demand for content is at its peak and this means content production is only increasing. Production spend on original content by the leading OTT players is estimated to grow at a robust ~45% annually to reach ~$1.2 BN by 2017. Beyond 2017, growth is expected to continue at ~30% p.a with total production spend reaching $2.0 BN in 2019*. With ‘digitization’ in the TV industry, the rise of new OTT video services is only generating further production demand. Executive producers go beyond their local markets to commission original content. This trend is growing by the day as OTT platforms cater to global and local audiences.(* Source: L.E.P. Consulting LLP)

Given such dynamic shift in the Production landscape, Studios need to transform quickly into digital companies, managing customer, social and digital assets, and improving consumer engagement.

What’s holding them back?


Silos across the content production value chain and lack of agility – Production workflows use several standalone smaller technology platforms for script development, documents & photos, scheduling, budgeting, dailies & cuts reviews, screening etc. A separate technology for high resolution content management, post production and various deliverables. Marketing departments seek their own technology to manage publicity material. Digital departments which run their direct-to-consumer initiatives want their own technology to manage content before they publish to target B2C platforms. All these are currently facilitated through manual workflow orchestration between the various departments.

With the dynamic shift in the production landscape, studios need to transform into digital cos, managing customer, social and digital assets
With the dynamic shift in the production landscape, studios need to transform into digital cos, managing customer, social and digital assets Click To Tweet

Our vision is to bring content to the center of the business and virtualize the Production content supply chain, deploy ONE software to manage Production workflows. Studios need to reimagine the way they work and move away from their current technology that supports silos - an Islands of Automation approach. The industry has been using the award winning DAX® Digital Asset Management software for review of dailies & cuts and document management. DAX® has gone through a significant upgrade with some powerful additions to the software. With this upgrade and expanded functionality, we now call this DAX® Production Cloud. dax_production DAX® Production Cloud allows clients to use the same system for both Dailies and Post Servicing Workflows. Which means, stakeholders in the Production supply chain — editorial, VFX (pull downs), Marketing (trailers), localization vendors, distribution (Screeners) – all collaborate on the same software. You are selling the concept of Power of ONE to the Studios. You are telling your potential buyers that it is time to adopt ONE software to manage Dailies and Post Servicing Workflows. With DAX Production Cloud, Studios can work with departments within and outside the studio seamlessly with utmost efficiency, handle high-res files with utmost security and ease, along with shortest time to line-up. It eliminates silos at all stages (pre prod, prod and post) by providing access to content at all times with Metadata access across the content life cycle. Key Features:

  • Production Servicing Module — single file ingest, transcode, watermark, distribute multiple formats to production stakeholders and partners
  • Integration between Production Operations and Broadcast Operations — delivery of finals via DAX® Production Cloud to kick off downstream work for network
  • Pre-production tools & services (On-set Distribution, Content Engine, Script Ratings)
  • Support for mezzanine files and essences
  • Adaptive, multi-bitrate streaming
  • Advanced permissions and administration modules
  • Clip based workflow
  • DRM and forensic watermarking
  • Advanced document management
  • Login —
    • Email and SMS 2-factor authentication
  • Home Page
    • Activity Feed of all recent account events (uploads, edits, shares, etc.)
    • Customizable Dashboard of reporting/analytics widgets
  • Administration — the most robust client administration module in the business
    • Completely rebuilt from the ground up — full control over organization, teams/divisions, projects and folders
    • Expansive permissions engine that allows multi-level permissions management down to the folder level. It’s as granular or as lenient as you need it to be
    • Permission sets, types, tags, etc.
  • Manage all features, rules (watermarks, etc.) associated metadata (forms) for your organization
  • Security, Auditing
    • MPAA® audited, SOC2, ISO 27001 (2013) certified
    • The most comprehensive end-to-end M&E security solution in the industry
    • Advanced auditing and reporting of all user actions and system events
  • Library/DAM
    • Collections — multiple ways to organize files including new favourites and bookmarks
    • Collaboration
      • Tasks — creating/viewing/online reports and management
      • Sharing — screener functionality with advanced security precautions for DAX® Production Cloud users and non-users alike; solicit and collate feedback from viewers
      • Screenplay Ratings — assign customized ratings values during development/pre-production
      • Post-production collaboration between client and multiple vendors
  • Player/Viewer
    • Wowza streaming technology (adaptive streaming, frame accuracy)
    • Clip based workflow
      • Upload multiple clips and create a playlist on the fly — with or without a metadata file (ALE, EDL, XML)
  • Playlists
    • New drag and drop bin allows easy assembly of playlists from multiple folders/sources
    • New online editor functionality allows basic editing features, e.g. cutting/pasting of multiple clips
  • Greatly expanded search
    • Advanced search of assets, associated metadata, folders etc.
    • In depth document search
  • STB and iOS
    • End to end redesign, expanded folder navigation, integrated collections
  • BPM Engine
  • Access to cloud storage through Operations Cloud
    • Secure storage of content on the Cloud, highly available, five9s reliability
    • Options of private or public clouds, including the ability to use client accounts in Public Clouds like AWS, Azure
    • Unique hybrid cloud architecture to manage distributed storage within studio lots / sites where required
  • Access to dynamic transcoding via Operations Cloud
    • Caters to pull downs, restore and delivery
    • Best of breed transcoder options
    • Integrated with publish utilities to prepare and deliver content to pre-set destinations
    • Ready to use BPM primitives for each transcoder and adaptability to configure new destination
It is time to adopt ONE cloud-based software to manage Dailies and Post Servicing Workflows. ONE software to manage all the high resolution and low resolution content, dailies and post production workflows for production, marketing and distribution. ONE system to store, manage, transcode and deliver content across the Production supply chain.

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