Marketers or Newsroom Editors? A Discerning Analogy
PFT Blog Team | 18 Dec 2018

Marketers or Newsroom Editors? A Discerning Analogy
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By Umesh Bopche, Vice President, Sales & Business Development - Brands, Prime Focus Technologies


Most of us have either seen or imagined a newsroom in action at some point or the other…. It’s a bustling place where the phones never stop ringing, journalists and reporters rush in and out, work happens round the clock and crazy deadlines are the norm. But here’s some food for thought - in the growing business of content creation, are brands becoming like newsrooms and marketers like news producers?


It’s no secret that brands are today tasked with putting out fresh, informative yet innovative content to engage with consumers on a daily basis. Right from out of the box ads to social media posts to go-to-market campaigns, there is intense pressure to deliver unique, personalized content across a host of platforms and devices. So, how do you keep up with it all and stay ahead of the competition? Whether you are managing a large Marketing team or you are a one-person army, maybe it’s time you befriended an Editorial Calendar.


What is an Editorial Calendar?

An Editorial Calendar is a great tool to keep your content marketing organized and on schedule. Think of it as a new way to manage your daily to-do list for creating content for videos, blogs, newsletters, websites, social media channels and the likes.


Just like a journalist, an editorial calendar answers the five ‘Ws’ and one ‘H’ for your content.

  • WHO are you creating content for?
  • WHAT are you publishing?
  • WHEN will you publish it?
  • WHERE will you publish it?
  • WHY are you publishing it?
  • HOW will you promote it once it’s published?

As you can see, an Editorial Calendar is far more than just a compilation of dates and topics. It keeps all members of your Marketing team on the same page, and acts as a blueprint to reach the goals you’ve set for your content marketing strategy. What’s more, it helps collaborate as a team and keep track of your content’s progress so that you can bid farewell to choppy email threads, multiple spreadsheets and mountains of sticky notes.


A Dynamic Idea Hub


Most marketers will agree that a million dollar idea can hit anytime, anywhere. But even the greatest ideas can’t go anywhere unless they are realized and actioned.That’s why it’s critical to have a safe haven to store and schedule ideas that can be used for creating cutting edge content. Whether you unearthed the latest industry news or came up with a sizzling idea for a new sales campaign, add it to your calendar. Track key dates, like promotional days, seasons or festivals; and plan your content strategy cleverly around these. If there is a major news story or event happening, capitalize on its popularity and get creative in tying it to your brand. This is affectionately known as ‘newsjacking’ in the marketing world today. You pretty much know when events relevant to your industry are happening, so add them to your calendar straightaway.


Reuse and Recycle


Recycling is not just meant for old newspapers, every Marketing manager needs to recycle content at some point or the other. Once you have key dates and topics laid out in your Editorial Calendar, you’ll likely be able to generate additional topics and find ways to repurpose content in different ways. If you have an event coming up, you’ll want to schedule multiple social media mentions, e-mails and blog posts. The same event can inspire an e-book on takeaways and possibly a video with highlights. The possibilities are limitless, and a holistic view of your calendar can help you come up with interesting connections between your content a lot more easily.


With your Editorial Calendar in hand, you can gain greater control across the process of content creation from start to end. So go ahead, get into the shoes of a newsroom editor and make some ‘breaking news’ for your business. After all, when it comes to connecting with consumers and building brand loyalty, there’s no time like now to up your game!

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