Prime Focus Technologies at Hollywood IT Society (HITS) Spring 2016
PFT Blog Team | 25 May 2016

Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder and CEO, Prime Focus Technologies will address a session at the upcoming Hollywood IT summit - HITS Spring 2016 in Los Angeles, where he will speak about the benefits of adopting centralization and deploying ONE software across the enterprise. His talk will focus on the need for Media & Entertainment (M&E) enterprises to Be Bold & Take the Leap to virtualize their content supply chain and build a connected enterprise.

With new entrants challenging traditional players of the M&E industry, new geographic markets becoming accessible faster for distribution, and new technology enabling revenue opportunities that never existed, M&E enterprises need to transform quickly into digital companies.

Move away from islands of automation. Transform. Learn from other industries.
Move away from islands of automation. Transform. Learn from other industries. Click To Tweet

So what’s really holding them back? The answer is simple - silos. Silos at an enterprise level, silos within departments, silos across content value chain and silos across geographies. Be it broadcast or studio, investments are being made in silos resulting in duplication of content, huge costs, lack of agility and collaboration.

Traditionally, global M&E enterprises have adopted a ‘local implementations’ route. This has resulted in multiple localized, non-scalable digital asset management systems across different departments and locations with poor upstream and downstream collaboration within creative and broadcasting systems. Broadcast enterprises do not have the MAM integrated sufficiently with Broadcast Management Systems (BMS) leading to additional cost and effort. The linear TV workflow uses multiple systems disconnected from one another.

Similarly, production workflows use one system where dailies and cuts are viewed and distributed for review. Promo and finished content workflows are managed seperately within the Broadcast Operations department.

Digital departments are now emerging as an entirely new silo to publish content on OTT platforms or deal with digital distribution. The problem is magnified if the Broadcast network is global! The technology stack gets replicated globally at each site, heterogeneously, only adding a multiple to the TCO.

At Prime Focus Technologies, we call this Islands of Automation.

If organizations have to succeed in this Digital Next era, they need to transform. Learning from other sectors, like Manufacturing, Auto, and Healthcare, M&E industry must adopt ONE software across geographies, departments and business, to not just function cost effectively, but also more efficiently with agility. Adopting centralization and virtualizing the content supply chain helps drive creative enablement, enhance efficiencies, reduce cost and realize new monetization opportunities. We, at Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), recognize that this is a huge step to take, and remain committed to helping M&E enterprises at every step in this journey of transformation.

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