Self-Healing Workflows: Enabling Ease of Operations for TV Stations
PFT Blog Team | 23 Apr 2018

Self-Healing Workflows: Enabling Ease of Operations for TV Stations
Self-Healing Workflows: Enabling Ease of Operations for TV Stations Click To Tweet

By Atul Saxena Vice President, Program Management & Client Services

The challenges that enterprise level MVPDs and broadcast networks face in order to deliver timely content to viewers are many. The variety of technologies utilized to receive, prepare, QC and distribute content to thousands of locations presents an additional hurdle to operational efficiency. Tracking the arrival of incoming content from multiple syndication platforms (like Pathfire/Pitchblue), and retrieving missing content are often uphill tasks for Broadcast Station Managers and Master Control Operators. A host of factors, including local weather conditions can impact deliveries, and each delay has to be dealt with in a different manner. These challenges are compounded when handling daily produced shows, news or any other programming that has to be aired rapidly after completion.

Leveraging the Power of Automation

Hybrid Cloud-based solutions, like Media ERP can help solve these challenges and usher in operational efficiencies effectively. Such solutions leverage automation to keep a tab of content being delivered by various syndication platforms, and provide dashboards for complete visibility of content across all stations. In the event of a delay in content delivery, the solution’s self-healing algorithms kick in. Here’s how it works:

  1. Content is expected at a local station
  2. If it doesn’t arrive at the pre-determined time, the system performs a check at the network’s main hub location
  3. If the missing content is being received at the hub location, the system automatically initiates content transfer either via a satellite distribution channel or a terrestrial distribution network
  4. Once the content is delivered, local Master Control Operator (MCO) and Hub Operations team are notified of the automatic delivery
  5. Flexibility is provided for users to prioritize the use of either Satellite or Terrestrial network as their preferred path of delivery
  brexit_short In the illustration: Satellite and Terrestrial Distribution Workflow through CLEAR Media ERP

Self-healing workflows take into account content availability and program lineup at local stations, as well as content availability at the hub location. If more than one station is missing content, the solution pushes content to both priority handles provided, ensuring that other vital transfers are not impacted. Moreover, it is specially designed to handle concurrency situations where content may arrive in parallel from locations via Satellite, and is equipped with the ability to preserve precious satellite bandwidth for critical delivery operations like news.

Manifold Business Benefits

Solutions with self-healing workflows have the potential to help broadcast networks streamline delivery operations immensely, so that MCOs can focus their energies on strategic telecast operations rather than chasing content. They reduce the need for manual intervention, and help achieve speed in day-to-day file delivery operations. What’s more, with a Media ERP solution, broadcasters can centralize their entire gamut of Satellite and Terrestrial distribution operations onto a single system, thereby reducing their Total Cost of Operations (TCOP) drastically.

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