Voice Acting: A Promising Career Choice in the Digital World
PFT Blog Team | 16 Jan 2019

Voice Acting: A Promising Career Choice in the Digital World
Voice Acting: A Promising Career Choice in the Digital World Click To Tweet

By Bipin Doshi, AVP, Creative Services, Dubbing


Things have never been as busy for the dubbing industry as they are today! With original content being generated at a furious pace, and streaming platforms opening up entirely new markets, content creators are racing to make their assets relevant for audiences across the globe. Many are dubbing multiple versions of their film/series to cater to viewers in different geographies.


As a happy consequence, business is booming for Localization vendors, and the demand for talented voice artists is at an all-time high. Broadcasters, studios and creative agencies are sparing no effort in sourcing the right talent to voice each character’s role, working hard to perfect diction, accent and other nuances of dubbing. Since established voice/dubbing artists are unable to handle more than a certain workload, this field offers great opportunities for new talent to enter and thrive. They can make a full-fledged career out of lending their voice to films, shows, commercials, promos, trailers, audio books, E-learning, gaming, radio and a host of other exciting avenues.


Have you got what it takes?


How do you know if voice acting is a good career choice for you? What exactly does it take to become a successful voice artist? A great voice, clear diction, accurate pronunciation and a strong command over the language are pretty much essential building blocks. If you’re keen to get into dubbing for animation, being able to modulate your voice to imitate a particular style of speaking is an added advantage.


But while these qualities are great starting points, proper training is essential in order grab a piece of the industry pie and make a name for oneself! Remember, at the end of the day, just like acting, dubbing is an extremely competitive field. Today there are several institutes across the globe where students can seek formal training in the art of dubbing and voice modulation. They can learn about industry requirements, good dialogue delivery, tone variation, lip syncing, timing, expression of emotion and other aspects of voice acting. Many academies offer certification courses run by experienced voice artists who have made it big with their skills and talent. These courses are mostly short-term, and are typically open to people of all age groups and educational backgrounds.


Kick-start your voicing career


In addition to learning and practicing voice acting techniques, it is also critical to create a riveting demo reel before trying to penetrate the market. A demo reel is like an audition and business card rolled into one. It should contain all the relevant voice samples that best showcase one’s voice acting abilities. Since unique positioning is an important aspect of voice acting, a good demo reel is one that is personalized and presented in a compelling manner to immediately attract a listener’s attention.


There are also a host of voice casting websites where budding voice artists can register to get the ball rolling. These online hubs are a great way to get an initial break, gain exposure to different kinds of projects and kick-start your professional journey. You can also launch a YouTube channel, upload interesting voice samples, and share a link to this whenever a relevant voice requirement comes up. SoundCloud is another popular platform to upload and share audio samples. You can leverage all these platforms to gain visibility and consistently share your latest work with broadcasters, studios, production houses and creative agencies to bag more projects.


So, if you have a great voice, and always enjoyed entertaining people, you can definitely consider becoming a voice artist! With multi-platform content explosion on the rise, there is no better time than now!

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