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Why Centralization?

Typically, broadcasters have decentralized operating models. Operations like Content Download, Quality Control (QC), House Master creation, Compliance Editing, Mastering and Archival are performed separately for each territory. Each territory creates its own on air promos of the shows as well. Add to that, program scheduling operations, and entering the metadata of the same show or movie in each of the locations. The outcome is rampant duplication of effort, heavy investment on in-house capex infrastructure and increase in outsource spends in the local territories.

Adopting centralization with CLEAR™ Media ERP helps broadcasters reduce the global effort involved in content operations, fostering a higher level of collaboration, flexibility and speed over existing systems.


Key Benefits:
  • Lower Total Cost of Operations (TCOP): Reduced cost of infrastructure and resources
  • Increased operational efficiencies: Eliminates duplication of tasks
  • Faster time-to-market: Users can prep centrally and distribute globally
Click below on the ROI calculator to understand how much you are spending on Promo Operations, Mastering, QC & Compliance; and get a glimpse of how centralization can help you reduce these costs.

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