Automation across content supply chain powered by Work Order

With many extreme digitization features, Cloud MAM is instrumental in not just reducing TCOP, but also increasing efficiencies and time-to-market

CLEARTM Cloud MAM is a single, holistic MAM solution, which enables Media & Entertainment (M&E) companies to build a truly connected enterprise with digital workflows. With work order automation to manage tasks efficiently across the supply chain, Cloud MAM offers much more than a traditional MAM system. It is a single MAM with media management capabilities across global sites, that integrates production, distribution, broadcasting and OTT related business activities.

Cloud MAM's Work Order Management functionality automates the end-to-end process of defining, assigning and executing work across the content lifecycle. It enables users to manage all of the following on ONE software:

  • Assets, with associated metadata and essences
  • Resources, including internal and freelance resources, as well as 3rd party vendors
  • Tasks, including generation, timeline estimation, scheduling, assignment and execution (using tools within or outside CLEAR)
  • Orchestration of content workflows across the content supply chain
Key Features:
  • Work Order Management
    • Business Process Management (BPM): Specifically tailored for content operations
    • Smart Tasker: Single console to manage (view, pause, resume, reprioritize) 3rd party resources
    • Industry standard BOTS
  • Metadata
    • Hierarchical Metadata Management Asset/Essence Metadata Management
    • Powerful tools for Search & Cataloging
  • Administration
    • Custom metadata and workflows, as native as 'On Premise'; manage users, rights, workflows, reports, notification templates/rules
  • Integration with Adobe® Premiere Pro (NLE)
    • MAM library within Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Adobe Premiere Pro-based QC tool
  • Player
    • Secure, frame-accurate, multi-track, ABR ready player with live/VOD streaming capabilities
  • Security
    • Integration with OKTA, secure streams, instream/forensic watermarking, content-based access, secure desktop player and more
  • MAM Tools
    • Pre-integrated with industry standard applications: Transcode, Archive, QC, File Acceleration and many more
    • Tools for search, publish, restore, cataloging, subtitling and collaboration (review/comment/activity feed/chat)
    • Story Teller: Create, sharpen and share incisive stories on-the-fly and in-the-moment
    • Mobility: Collaborative review Fine-tuned for iPad, iPhone and Android
  • Support for Interoperable Master Format (IMF)
    • World's first IMF media player for playback over streaming proxies
    • Ability to create deliverables for different platforms (Netflix, iTunes etc.) and specifications (like DPP) from an IMF package
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) support
    • Integration with AI providers like GrayMeta/Azure/Google for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Speech-to-text etc.
  • Lower Total Cost of Operations (TCOP) Enterprise-class MAM on the Cloud
  • Improved operational efficiencies ONE MAM for the enterprise across geographies, departments and businesses
  • Pay-as-you-go SaaS model, no upfront CAPEX
  • Master time-to-market Seamless orchestration between manual and automated tasks

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