Automated Work Order Management – The Key to Drive Efficiencies and Reduce Costs in Media & Entertainment

Today, running a profitable Media & Entertainment (M&E) enterprise is more difficult than ever. The frequency and speed with which original content is being generated has been increasing at a rate never before seen in the industry, with more and more people working on content. Supply chains are sprawling, and the sheer number of touch points content passes through from start to end is spinning a web of complexity for the content creators, not to mention security concerns.

What’s more, with the growing complexities of multi-platform distribution, content creators can no longer rest on existing and independently functioning systems that result in ‘Islands of Automation’. To achieve faster time to market with increased efficiencies, they need automation not just within their silos but across the entire content supply chain. They need an innovative technology stack that offers CLEAR solutions, CLEAR outcomes, CLEAR value and CLEAR results.

At NAB 2018, we want our customers and prospects to take away one key message -

We are all set to showcase several industry-first, transformational solutions built on the back of CLEAR’s powerful Work Order Management, pre-integrated with its Media Asset Management (MAM), Workflow Engine and Video Tools. Here’s a glimpse

  • Content Acquisition Portal: Automated Work Order to manage planning, acquiring, evaluating, cataloguing and scheduling content
  • OTT Distribution: Work order driven OTT Distribution – from Scheduling to Delivery
  • CLEAR Ingest & Distribution - ONE Cloud-based software to manage end-to-end workflows for Satellite and Terrestrial distribution
  • CLEAR Digital Lab: Your Media Universe (R) for Production Supply Chain
  • Cloud MAM: Automation across content supply chain powered by Work Order

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