Offline Media Import Export – Google Cloud Storage


Please complete the following electronic submission form with your contact details and specs, and a PFT representative will get in touch with you shortly.

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Please note you will need to grant written permissions to for PFT to upload to the required Google Cloud Storage(GCS) bucket.

Please specify your specifications in the table below, including media source type and number of drives.
Storage device type No. of drives in shipment Date of Shipping Volume in GB Drive Format (NTFS,FAT) GCS Project ID GCS Bucket Name Comments
SATA HardDrive
SSD HardDrive
USB 2 stick
USB 3 stick
Tape P2
  1. Customer data will be uploaded to the destination GCS Bucket in its original folder structure.
  2. Every customer's storage device should have a single GCS Bucket destination.
  3. Customers are expected to back up the data prior to sending it to Prime Focus Technologies for upload.
  4. We would recommend encrypting sensitive data before sending to us for upload.
  5. Your request will be processed within 2 business days (or less) from media arrival at the Prime Focus Technologies office based on mutually agreed upon timelines.