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Where imagination meets form

Who we are

"Where imagination meets form" is the essence of Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), a company that combines creativity and technology to provide innovative solutions for the media and entertainment industry. PFT's flagship technology products, CLEAR® and CLEAR® AI, are examples of this convergence, as they leverage the power of the cloud and innovative AI technology to help you manage content with greater ease and efficiency. 

With CLEAR® and CLEAR® AI, you'll discover a haven to 'explore', 'experiment', and 'create' a digital space where ideas flourish. The CLEAR® logo isn't just a symbol; it's an invitation to unleash your creativity.

Whether creating content, collaborating with teams, or managing operations, CLEAR® is a limitless vessel for your aspirations (your imagination), adapting seamlessly to your needs (providing form) and scale as your business grows. Through the fusion of automation and creativity, PFT propels users toward a future where the possibilities of content creation know no bounds. Welcome to the future of content creation today!

What we stand for

Innovation is part of our DNA. We are constantly exploring new technologies and approaches to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the most effective solutions for our customers. Our many industry firsts, flagship products, including CLEAR® and CLEAR® AI, are examples of our commitment to innovation, as they leverage cutting-edge cloud and AI technology to revolutionize content management. Major M&E companies are already experiencing the PFT difference.


Together is better

Mutual respect and growth are at the heart of our success. We understand that fostering an environment of respect and collaboration is key to achieving our goals, and we are committed to supporting each other's growth and development as individuals and as a team.


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Our Approach to Sustainability

At PFT, we’re committed to a better future, and that future is sustainable. Deeply woven into our vision of tomorrow’s M&E industry are our goals for a sustainable future and Profits with Purpose.

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Our Achievements Shine Bright


Tata Play Top Partner 2024


NAB SHOW Product of the Year 2024


AWS ISV Innovation Cup


MovieLabs 2030 Vision Showcase


Asian Academy Creative Awards 2021


Abby Awards 2019