AI Reframe

Automatically convert horizontal videos into square and vertical formats

Co-pilot model for premium content to ensure your content maintains a top-tier standard and effectively meets your audiences' expectations.  

Auto-pilot model for social content allowing you to consistently share content on social media without needing continuous hands-on management.

Unlock a world of benefits for your team!

Rapid video resizing at your fingertips

Catalog videos and images in your content library with automatically extracted metadata

Scale like a pro

Whether it's hundreds or thousands of videos, CLEAR® AI Reframe ensures consistent and high-quality reframing, allowing you to amplify your content's impact, achieving unprecedented scale.

Cut your costs

CLEAR® AI Reframe empowers you to achieve professional- grade video transformations in-house and reduces expenses.

Meet your goals

Leverage this module to quickly and consistently repurpose content for social media and other monetization avenues

Accurate text recreation in the output format

Automatic focus on dynamic content and contextually important moments

Split screen views with full context and close-up shots

Effortlessly edit in real time with an intuitive reframe editor 

Transform videos effortlessly

Text transformations always on point

CLEAR® AI Reframe utilizes advanced AI technology that automatically adjusts the video's aspect ratio, ensuring that no vital information, including text and graphics, is lost in the process.  

Built for everybody

CLEAR® AI Reframe enables a broad range of users, including content creators, post-production and digital marketing teams, and social media agencies. Users can save time, increase productivity, and create visually appealing content that can lead to better engagement and generate revenue on different platforms.

Tested and trusted

The tool has been developed by a team of experts with a wealth of experience in AI and video production. It is built on algorithms trained on large datasets of video content. This has enabled Reframe to accurately detect and track objects & subjects in videos and automatically crop and reframe videos accurately and efficiently.