QC Services

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PFT provides stringent, multi-pass QC services to help content creators meet the technical requirements of streaming platforms globally. Our QC efforts also include regulatory guidelines and the identification of creative & technical glitches.

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Master QC

Thorough technical evaluation of movies, scripted dramas/comedies, non-fiction series, documentaries, etc.


3rd Party QC

Double checking the QC done by a primary vendor


7.1 Complex Audio QC

Audio QC for theatrical and premium streaming platforms & broadcasters


Acquisition QC

QC for long-form content that has already been through Master QC


Audio Asset QC

Audio QC of multiple audio stems


Master Asset/Image Sequence QC

Restoring Master DI image sequences like DPX/EXR and Cinema DCDM TIFF from drives or LTO tapes, screening content, and verifying checksums.


Library/Catalog QC

QC for general quality and technical attributes of legacy content


Spot QC

Spot check of content at 3-5 different points


Watch Down QC

Linear watch down of content from start to end, only stopping to list major issues

CLEAR® enables content owners to perform secure QC operations on a single platform, providing 'one moment of truth.' It allows users to assign QC-related tasks to internal/ freelance resources and third-party vendors and provides dashboards for real-time tracking and management of QC operations.

Collaborate directly on the CLEAR®: Instant reviews and track approvals; track progress in real-time.

Over 12 years of experience in QC


100,000 hours of QC annually


60+ experts with in-depth knowledge of QC specs for streaming platforms & broadcasters

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Save Cost

Cost savings due to the identification of errors at an early stage.

Fast Time to Market

Leverage technology for single "moment of truth”, driving faster time-to-market outcomes.

Scalable Delivery

Supports large volumes at a shorter turnaround time.