CLEAR® Supply Chain Automation

Title-based visibility for seamless collaboration across suppliers

The rise in original content has intensified supply chain challenges in theatrical, home entertainment, and streaming, demanding efficient global vendor coordination to meet tighter launch windows.

MovieLabs selected PFT for the 2030 Vision Showcase.

Automation is now essential to streamline operations and adapt swiftly to priority changes across multiple vendors.

Multi-vendor Management
Automation of vendor tasks and deadlines, streamlining media transfers from Production to Distribution.
Plan supply chain tasks in advance and provides visibility into the upcoming schedules.
Priority Cascade
Prioritize changes and scheduling seamlessly across a multi-vendor supply chain ecosystem.
Dynamic Status Tracking
Monitor content status dynamically based on task titles.
Unified Platform
Manage end-to-end media supply chain and archival processes.
Hybrid Infrastructure
Optimize resource usage with on-premises and cloud integration.