Fast detection. Quick editing

Identifies potential compliance issues across various categories, ensuring your content meets moderation guidelines effortlessly.

Comprehensive Compliance Detection
Violence, visually disturbing content, explicit nudity, suggestive content, smoking & drinking, medical content, and verbal profanity.
Auto Compliance Edits
Save time with automated bleep/mute edits for verbal profanity, reducing overall compliance edit time by 30-40%.
Effortless Compliance Assessments

Easily view, filter, review, and edit compliance issues on a cloud editor. Customize your detection process by choosing compliance sensitivity levels.

Compliance Meter Insights

Get a quick snapshot of asset compliance levels and the percentage of content with compliance issues.

Territorial Customization
Configure what to capture and exclude for each territory or standard.
Faster reviews and edits
Generate an EDL of all compliance markers, and integrate into Adobe timeline for faster editing.