Take the risk out of your S&P process

PFT provides stringent, multi-pass QC services to help content creators meet the technical requirements of streaming platforms globally. Our QC efforts also include regulatory guidelines and the identification of creative & technical glitches.

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Transform your S&P Compliance Operations with cutting-edge AI technology & services

Internal S&P

PFT helps identify culturally sensitive content faster to avoid regulatory risk. CLEAR® optimizes and scales your internal S&P operations. It auto-identifies compliance tags across visual, audio, and text-based cues.

Age Ratings

Accurate age-based compliance to release your titles to a particular TV rating. Also, editing R-rated movies to PG-13 ratings.


Helping you ensure ad time requirements are met


Complete visibility to track the progress of an asset through the content lifecycle, with a robust audit trail


PFT is a company that shares our spirit of innovation and passion. Their proven CLEAR® technology, compliance expertise, and scale perfectly complement our media operations, so we can focus on what we do best. CLEAR® offers us automation and unmatched visibility and insights into compliance operations that support our business goals and ensure our best-in-class content is at its absolute best for our audience.
Matt Clement
Head of Production and Network Operations
True Crime Network, Quest TV & Twist, Ex-TEGNA

Have our experienced team (in the US and across the globe) provide end-to-end S&P services for domestic and multi-territory compliance operations.  

Lower Time to Market

AI-led compliance edits help broadcasters eliminate hundreds and thousands of hours of manual and sometimes redundant work.

Easy to use

Simple & intuitive UI with cultural insights


No guesswork in editing for local audiences.

Scalable delivery

Supports large volumes and multiple versions.