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CLEAR® automates media logistics, ensuring your focus stays on creativity, not administration

Simplified Collaboration

Partner onboarding becomes a walk in the park, creating a network that fosters seamless teamwork

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Track Work Orders, Tasks, and Assets using CLEAR®.  Generate visual dashboards and reports to analyze crucial process metrics, enhancing preparation for high workload periods

Automated Task Allocation
Watch as tasks find their rightful owners within your team or freelance pool, ensuring timely completion.
Next-gen Subtitling
Experience the revolutionary subtitling tool in CLEAR®, transforming the landscape of secure subtitling for streaming media.


Automatically generate, transcribe, trans-create subtitles in over 60 languages using CLEAR® AI
Automatically re-time subtitles

Our projects


If one trait defines us in this space, it's our ability to deliver top-notch subtitles at unmatched quality. PFT is a preferred subtitling partner for the world's largest streaming platforms, broadcasters, and studios.


PFT stands as the epitome of a trusted Dubbing partner that respects the source material while captivating your audience in record time. Our expertise lies in Indian Regional Languages (IRL), making us your go-to choice for exceptional dubbing.  


We excel in delivering top-tier Access Services that align seamlessly with regulatory standards.

Audio Description

Additional narration track for visually impaired customers in adherence to FCC, Ofcom, and CRTC.

Closed Captioning

Text captions for dialogues and relevant parts of the soundtrack for the people who are hard of hearing.

Subtitles for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (SDH)

Subtitles in the source language of the video that also include important non-dialogue audio sound effects and speaker identification.

Script Sync

Ability to deliver Combined Continuity & Spotting Lists (CCSL), Combined Dialogue & Spotting Lists (CDSL) and As-Broadcast scripts


PFT provides Text to Text Localization services in a host of languages, across multiple genres, within a short turnaround time.


MX Player

“When dealing with platform launch pressures, you need a localization partner you can trust, and that is PFT for us!”

Late Mansi Shrisvastav
Senior Vice President, Global Acquisitions

Lionbridge case study

“PFT has been one of our most trusted partners. We want to thank them for their scale, quality, and excellent project management skills, which enabled us to deliver a high volume of localized content.
Avantika Dixit
Global Program Optimization Manager, Lionbridge

Trusted by some of the biggest names to deliver media services at scale.

Disney Hotstar  Client
Disney Hotstar  Client