CLEAR® AI Metadata

Limitless Possibilities

Transform raw data into actionable insights that drive discovery, engagement, and monetization across various platforms.

Our Operating Model

Our Operating Model

AI Primitives

Foundational components of CLEAR® AI Metadata, which identify people, objects, keywords, transcripts, emotions, on-screen text, and brands.

2nd Order AI Analysis

Enhance searchability and categorization through advanced parsing of scenes, clips, credits, cast, crew, and content segments.

3rd Order AI Classifiers

Identify pivotal moments and dialogues, facilitating deeper engagement and targeted content discovery.

4th Order Gen AI Inferences

Top-tier Gen AI inferences provide unparalleled value—generate comprehensive synopses, shorts, highlights, and teaser briefs, reimagining Metadata.

Use Cases

Advertising and
revenue generation

Seamlessly identifies ad markers, extracts pertinent keywords, and prepares distributable packages, ensuring content is primed for revenue generation.