Prep, Packaging & Delivery

Faster, smarter distribution of content with unmatched re-delivery rates

Whether you want to distribute your content to various streaming platforms or your dedicated streaming service, we've got you covered. With the power of CLEAR® and CLEAR® AI, you can create content packages, convert them into various formats, and distribute them to different platforms faster than ever.



Manage Metadata creation, validation, enrichment, localization, and normalization using a hybrid approach (manual and automated); metadata transforms for delivery to any platform


Complete visibility to track the progress of an asset through the content lifecycle, with a robust audit trail


Stringent quality control using a combination of manual and auto QC


Conforming to 4K, HDR, and Dolby 5.1 in advanced formats like IMF


End-to-end workflow orchestration leveraging CLEAR®


Automatically create metadata and generate synopsis & thumbnails for the title

Leverage AI to automatically conform regional edits, subtitles, and dub tracks with global masters
Unleash AI to automatically re-time subtitles
Cut-to-clock: Helping you ensure ad time requirements are met
CLEAR® AI-enabled automatic compliance edits to decrease the scope for human error
AI-enabled Localization: Automatically identify texted/textless elements and ensure that localized items are replaced accurately


PFT stands as the epitome of a trusted Dubbing partner that respects the source material while captivating your audience in record time. Our expertise lies in Indian regional languages (IRL), making us your go-to choice for exceptional dubbing.  

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Minimize time-to-market by retaining the original content versions and transcoding on demand when needed

Wide Reach, Faster

With preconfigured bots for over 450 streaming platforms, we ensure your content reaches a vast audience at lightning speed

Smooth Onboarding

We prioritize a successful start by ensuring onboarding is executed flawlessly

Rigorous Quality Assurance

We employ manual and automated quality checks to meet the highest standards.

Comprehensive Support

From digitization and quality control to image enhancement, localization, cataloging, metadata creation, and transcoding, we provide full-service support

Proven Platform Expertise

Our track record in successfully delivering content to AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD platforms speaks to our expertise.

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A&E  Client
A&E  Client

We get it right the first time

Enjoy low re-delivery rates. 10 million VoD assets are fulfilled annually

Certified by the best

White glove support: 3-layered technical support structure, 24x7 infrastructure monitoring support, emergency support, and ticket prioritization


Leverage the power of technology and drive speed to market and accuracy

Save Cost

Lowest re-delivery rates help you cut costs

Scalable Delivery

Our technology capability, along with our highly experienced team, can handle peaks with ease