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Use Cases

Content Creation

Dailies & Cuts, AI-assisted Review and Approval, Content Highlights

Content Management

Secure, Intelligent Active Library, Metadata Enhancement, Dedup, Compliance, Conform

Content Marketing & Distribution

Social Media Monetization, Contextual Advertising, Media Supply Chain Management, Fulfillment, Localization, QC, Screener

CLEAR® AI Platform

Enterprises can achieve a substantial acceleration of at least two years in reaching their AI objectives, from conceptualization to realization.

It provides the flexibility for organizations to adopt multi-vendor AI solutions, accelerating their AI journey. A key component is Machine Wisdom, a patented technology that blends AI capabilities from various providers, boosting accuracy and simplifying its integration into specific M&E workflows. It seamlessly incorporates cutting-edge AI models for video, audio, image, text, and Generative AI processing.

Vendor-agnostic AI platform for unparalleled speed and flexibility.

CLEAR® AI is a purpose-built platform tailored for the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry. This platform represents a seismic shift in providing enterprises with a readily deployable, vendor-agnostic AI platform, complete with AI modules and integrations, to accelerate their enterprise AI strategy with speed and innovation. It will empower enterprises with rapid in-house AI development and productization.

Key Features

CLEAR® AI Platform


The CLEAR® AI Platform allows enterprises to combine AI from various providers and in-house developed AI engines to solve specific business use cases. This approach fosters independence and will enable businesses to diversify their AI resources, mitigating risks associated with vendor exclusivity. Enterprises also have the option to connect any new third-party engines of their choice and quickly integrate them into the Platform. This enables them to create new visualizations, expose APIs, and accelerate innovation by switching on/off the engines used.

Elegant UI

The CLEAR® AI Platform has an intuitive UI for visualizing data and insights, seamlessly adaptable to M&E workflows. This UI offers meaningful representations of AI-generated data and provides the necessary tools to employ this data in real-world M&E use cases effectively.

Smart Optimizations

The CLEAR® AI Platform comes equipped with smart optimizations that utilize existing data and generate AI data only when necessary. This will deliver maximum cost savings on a run-time basis.

Cloud-scale Ready

It leverages highly optimized cloud technologies to create, test, and deploy cost-efficient AI solutions, including just-in-time scaling and minimal overheads. This approach guarantees rapid processing speeds and smooth handling of workload bursts, all while maintaining optimal cost management on the cloud.

Metering & Analytics

The platform incorporates detailed metering capabilities per workflow, service, and per-function basis. This empowers users to gain valuable insights into AI-related cost allocations, optimization opportunities, and enhanced control over their AI usage.


The platform has enterprise-grade security features tailored for M&E organizations. It includes built-in capabilities for user management, administration, file management, and more right out of the box.

Consulting & Services

The platform comes with a choice to use consulting services that allow enterprises to leverage our high-caliber AI team. These experts can collaborate with your in-house teams to foster innovation in AI integrations, create new AI models, oversee Machine Learning operations, design custom user interfaces, integrate Generative AI, and deliver timely engineering support. If you are building AI, consider leveraging the CLEAR® AI Platform alongside our team or your own. This robust, finely tuned, and scalable platform is ready to integrate into your ecosystem seamlessly.






Generative AI

CLEAR® AI is multimodal. It is a perfect culmination of small models, LLMs, and Gen AI, purpose-built for M&E.



3M+ decisions made by CLEAR® AI annually


300K+ media assets processed


7 unique innovative patents, used by 10+ large customers