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Lead. Fly High. Enjoy

Building a connected enterprise and digital ecosystem, involves the coming together of intelligent minds and passionate people spread far and wide across the globe.

Here we feature the people who reflect our dynamic work environment and a peek into what makes them come into work every day.

Pauline Coutinho
General Manager &
People Experience

" The work I do, the people I work with, and the opportunities I get, keep me motivated to come back each day with renewed zeal."

Karan Tiwari
Senior Manager Sales &
Business Development

" As a brand, PFT is always evolving, and working here comes with its share of challenges and opportunities. Every day, there’s a new problem to solve, and this keeps me extremely motivated."

Meera Ghare
Regional Sales Manager
Brand Services

" Work is my biggest motivation. There are so many opportunities at PFT, that sometimes I feel the day is too short to achieve all my goals."

Amrita Mishra
Quality Analyst
Digital Media Services

" At 21, I’m proud to be managing a process from start to end in a leading organization like PFT. Age is not a barrier here."

Deepshikha Nandini
Grading Producer & Artist
Creative Services

" The job satisfaction that I get from my work outweighs everything and that is what keeps me motivated."

Bharath Srinivas
Project Manager
Program Management

" Once you're in the system, PFT will constantly push you out of your comfort zone and keep you thirsty for challenge."

Nirala Singh
VP - Sales &
Business Development

" What keeps me motivated here are new opportunities, constantly growing environment and amazing colleagues..."

Manish C
Quality Analyst
Digital Media Services

" It's been an amazing 3 years of journey so far. I look forward to grow and achieve with my team every single day"

Seaon Dcosta
Program Manager
Content Localization

" Working with a huge brand like PFT always keeps me motivated"

PS Pranika
Associate Director
Creative Services

" At PFT I get to work with some of the best people in the industry. The kind of work they bring to the table always keeps me going."

Rushant Kuriens
QA Manager- Cloud Media Services

" My managers have always been extremely supportive. They help me leverage my experience to yield excellent results for the company."

Matt Herrmann
Senior Producer

" I have spent over three years in PFT, and people here have always been like family to me!"

Jyothi Nayak
Vice President,
Cloud Media Services

" There is a lot of freedom to make independent decisions and the trust that is put on me by the PFT Leadership team, my teams and other departments, has helped me a lot."

Vasu Thota
Senior Technical Lead

" I joined PFT when we were a team of 15 and I wanted to take on challenges, learning new things, be responsible. After 6 years here, I am glad I took the decision to join."

Melvin Cyriac
Senior Dubbing Director,
Cloud Media Services

" If your work is fun, it's not like working anymore. That’s exactly how I feel in PFT. The support that I get from my supervisors & colleagues is unmatched and that’s what keeps me going."

Milind Patil,
General Manager,
Digital Media Services

" When I joined, PFT was just a team of 10 employees. We have now grown into a global company with more than 2000 colleagues worldwide. As PFT continues to grow, so do I."

Darpin Soni,
Associate Vice President,
Creative Services

" Three words to summarize my day in the office - Exciting. Challenging. Never Ending.
PFT is like an ocean of opportunities and challenges with the horizon always further away than you expect it to be.

Umesh Bopche,
National Sales Manager,
Brand Services

" One of the biggest achievements was bringing TATA Sky on board and a 70% growth rate in adding clients. In the last 6 months, my team has won two internal awards, the Excelsior A TEAM for "Outstanding Contribution" and Club Synergy for "Collaborating and Achieving Shared Goals""

Chandar Muthukrishnan,
Vice President, Business Governance and Compliance

" Each day typically brings in different challenges depending on what the team is currently working on.

I have had a fab mix of roles that have helped me learn more and keep me motivated and with PFT right in the middle of industry transformation, it is very exciting.

Atul Saxena
Vice President, Program Management

" From a basement in Bengaluru to Los Angeles, it has been an exciting 7 years and counting here. My role is to work with clients to create innovative, optimized and frugal solutions based on their requirements. Furthermore, I am the link between our US Sales Team and the Development Team back in India."

Sanjeev Nayak
Senior Vice President

" One of my biggest motivation at PFT is my work - Every new day brings a new surprise and new challenges. Many times, I feel the day is too short because I love what I do. Another big motivating factor is the flexibility to pursue my passion. I have successfully been able to lead a dual life of a techie and a musician, playing the violin for a band called Swarathma."


Ashika Katary Wheeler
Manager - Media Processing Department

" I work with a young team that makes the job very exciting, and fresh. Every day I make sure to meet the team to keep them on the right track - delivering minimum error, maximum quality."

Tris Baer
Vice President, Business Solutions, Strategy and Innovation

" When I saw the quality and the type of people at PFT, I was very excited to join. I try to identify certain challenges for our customers, and match them with our products and services."

Anthony Matt
Executive Director, Technical Operations

" My favorite thing about working at PFT is the team, I spend more time with them than members of my own family and not just in New York. There are team members based in India, LA, who I have become close with and are friends."

Vijay Kadam
Assistant Manager – Digital Media Operations

" Every day in PFT is awesome with new learnings, diverse and innovative projects.
The kind of opportunity PFT throws at you is unmatched.
Apart from career growth, PFT has given me an opportunity to pursue my hobby and my passion. This kept me motivated throughout the years. PFT is like a family to me now.