CLEAR® Localize

To simplify your Localization process

Managing multiple orders across localization vendors and dealing with different languages and time zones can be challenging  

Vendor-specific systems, outdated spreadsheets, and chasing updates via emails or phone calls complicate the process.

A simple, secure interface connecting localization vendors and freelancers globally to manage multiple orders, languages, and media for seamless localization operations.

Eliminate outdated vendor-specific systems, spreadsheets, and tedious update hunts via emails and phone calls

Automate order creation and media exchange

Streamlines communication with multiple vendors while getting complete transparency into progress updates and estimated delivery dates.

Easy onboarding for new vendors.

If your localization management is taking over your calendar, it's time to change – let CLEAR® AI Localize help you!


Explore what’s possible

Simplify your localization process
  • Easy onboarding of new vendors for quicker project initiation
  • Frame accurate subtitle and audio reviews
  • Automatically convert subtitles to any format
  • Conform existing subtitles seamlessly
Enhanced efficiency and productivity
  • Fully automated Media Logistics on S3 where you receive source media, access & share reference material, and collect deliverables
  • Low-Code / No-Code ready-to-use platform with event-driven information exchange on AWS SNS for seamless integration
  • Flexible process automation with validations on deliverables like profanity checks and language labels, as your localization workflows require
Tested and trusted
  • CLEAR® Localize title-level dashboard provides a quick summary of order status, turnaround times, and vendor performance for your peace of mind
  • Provides transparency into project progress and delivery date

Did you know a study by Nimdzi Insights found that localization project managers spend an average of 2 hours daily or even more on administrative tasks, such as email communication, progress tracking, and file management?