CLEAR® Secure Screener

Total Control and Total Security

Create your screening room and invite reviewers with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface

Provide a theater-like experience, all within a matter of hours.

The TV Academy was the first major Hollywood organization to cut DVD screeners for the 2020 Emmys. This saved the television industry tens of millions of dollars and helped the environment by reducing waste.

Enjoy a seamless viewing experience across devices, including a set-top box, with high-quality playback that looks and sounds fantastic. Share your videos easily, whether with one person or a group.  

Give your videos professional treatment with customizable cover art and expo packages that make your content stand out.  

Iron-clad security

CLEAR® Secure Screener employs role-based permissions to prevent piracy and ensure only authorized individuals can access your pre-release content. Lock down your content with military-grade encryption and token-based authentication, keeping it safe from prying eyes.  

Stamp your mark on every frame with customizable visible and invisible watermarks that identify anything you share as yours ensuring your intellectual property is protected.

Secure Screener’s advanced features let you set expiration dates and view limits. Get real-time insights into who's viewing, sharing, and downloading your content.


Over 10 M minutes screened on Secure Screener


Our 24x7 support team is always available to ensure a seamless viewing experience for reviewers and a stress-free experience for your team.

An effortless way to get your work in front of the people who need to see it.