Post Production: India Emerges as Hub
PFT Blog Team | 16 Jul 2019

Post Production: India Emerges as Hub
Post Production: India Emerges as Hub Click To Tweet

By Umesh Bopche, Vice President, Brands Services


In a remarkably short time, digital technologies have revolutionized the video entertainment industry. This is true both in terms of the creation of film and video content, and in the localization and distribution of that content.


The apparently inexhaustible demand for content everywhere around the globe has spawned a range of new distribution methods, including broadcast television, cable and satellite TV, and a host of VOD and OTT delivery mechanisms to both fixed and mobile users. The high demand for content, along with the many choices to deliver that content, has, in turn, driven demand for video content creation that is higher now than ever before in history.


Fortunately, digital technologies have improved the speed and quality of video production, capture, and creation – for both live action and animation. Corresponding digital improvements have also changed how raw video content is edited, adjusted, and enhanced on its way to end user delivery.


Nowhere is this change more apparent than in the area of post-production. Post-production, or just “post” as said in the business, encompasses a wide range of activities from editing, to color correction and grading, to visual effects and much more. Each of these activities affects many, if not every, shot in the entire work, and requires a unique blend of technical competence, patience, and artistic skill. It is no wonder that more people work on the post production of a video project than in any of the previous phases!


In the world of post-production, India is fast emerging as a primary hub where the full range of post activities are available at competitive costs, with capabilities to meet tight deadlines and deliver excellent quality. India’s post-production sector is one of the biggest globally, and is well-known for high quality work, along with the ability to handle large-scale projects. India is a one-stop destination with an exhaustive range of post-production services available. This combination of high quality services with the latest technology and at a competitive cost is attracting post work from producers around the world.


India is itself a major consumer of film and video content, but India’s post-production capabilities are increasingly being tapped by global companies to contribute to, or take the lead on, the post phases of new video productions.


For example, major post production services in India include video editing, color Digital Intermediate (DI)/color grading, Visual Effects (VFX), sound design, rotoscoping, 3D modelling, animation, versioning and many others. A good number of film services production companies in India are operating in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, which are the primary hubs of post-production in the country.


The Indian animation and VFX industry is also steadily gaining global acceptance. The VFX industry is fast emerging as an indispensable part of film making, and the cutting edge work carried out by Indian studios has propelled the country onto the global stage. International projects continue to account for much of the VFX industry revenues (greater than 70%)*, with Hollywood and European studios leveraging the skill set and cost advantages of Indian talent.


Growing demand for Indian films outside of India has also created demand for Indian film-makers and trained professionals. Skilled professionals and world class post-production capabilities in VFX, 3D and animation is making India a popular outsourcing destination for post-production, sound and multimedia work from around the globe.


The business of animation, post production and VFX segments in India has been growing at a compounded rate of nearly 20% for some time, to a current volume of nearly INR 114 billion*. This growth was driven by a mix of domestic film, TV and digital segments, as well as the outsourcing by international studios on the back of increased content creation for digital and TV, and more sequel- based action and animated films.


There seems to be no end in sight for video content demand, so the future of Indian post-production service providers is bright!


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* FICCI-EY Report on Re-imagining India’s M&E sector, March 2018

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