Technology Trends for Media & Entertainment Enterprises to Watch in 2019
PFT Blog Team | 05 Jan 2019

Technology Trends for Media & Entertainment Enterprises to Watch in 2019
Technology Trends for Media & Entertainment Enterprises to Watch in 2019 Click To Tweet

By T Shobhana, VP & Global Head, Marketing & Communications


2018 was an incredibly eventful year for the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry. Multi-platform content saw a meteoric rise, Artificial Intelligence (AI) gained ground across many fronts; and connectivity, devices & personalization changed market dynamics significantly. Here are a few insightful trend predictions to help broadcasters, studios, streaming services meet their business goals in 2019:


AI to yield tangible business benefits

2019 will witness companies into media creation, production, post production and distribution experimenting and adopting an AI strategy. With rapid strides being made on the back of R&D, AI will make deeper in-roads in fields like automated Subtitling & Closed Captioning, metadata tagging, compliance editing, promo creation, contextual advertising and sports highlights. AI-enabled Media Asset Management (MAM) systems will be increasingly used to review and catalog existing media libraries, enabling faster content discovery and creating new sources of revenue.


Greater automation across the content supply chain


Digital OTT businesses have given rise to new complexities in content operations, including a growing number of versions, formats and new technologies that content creators need to manage across sprawling supply chains. To overcome these complexities, content owners will move away from using multiple, non-scalable on premise MAM systems. Instead they will choose to adopt ONE system across the enterprise - ONE software that works for all departments and all global sites whilst giving local teams the control they need.


Security spending set to soar


Gartner has already forecast worldwide information security spending to exceed $124 billion in 2019. With piracy at an all-time high, content creators will choose to safeguard their assets (especially pre-release content) by using a combination of advanced security measures. Content Management systems with watertight security features be in high demand, and all content leaving the premises will be made secure with visible and forensic watermarking to enable source tracing. This will apply to OTT/VOD and ad-hoc transfers as well as screeners.


Interactive & personalized content to gain popularity


With consumers being inundated by thousands of messages every single day, marketers will adopt innovative video strategies in 2019, to create content that cuts through the clutter. They will move beyond a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and will focus on delivering videos that are interactive and/or personalized. Viewers will be put in the driver’s seat, and provided with an engaging, navigable experience, where they can make their own choices as they journey through the story – a perfect way to get them engrossed and ensure high recall.


Localization to continue to open up new markets


To gain market share, there is a pressing need to deliver videos in multiple languages for audiences worldwide. 2019 will see a larger number of international language content versions being generated than ever before. What’s more, advances in AI-assisted localization processes will pave the way for program material to reach new audiences in a cost-effective manner. AI can be embraced wisely to reduce cost and cycle time significantly, helping M&E companies manage larger volumes of content and achieve faster time-to-market.


Moving Forward in 2019


With so much momentum on the market landscape, M&E companies need to focus on embracing the right technology stack – one that leverages automation to help them deliver great content, faster, at lower costs to audiences across the globe in 2019. The clever use of Cloud-based solutions and services can help them overcome the complexities of the ‘TV Everywhere’ universe, and tap new revenue opportunities to increase market cap.

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